Configuring Salt Minions to Return to Mongo


For a recent compliance project, we needed to start tracking when an instance became out of compliance and how soon the issue was remediated. The idea our team came up with was to kick off jobs every 15 minutes via cron…

Working for a client recently we discovered a ZFS server running that was not being monitored appropriately.

Now you might be looking at this and wondering WTF? I was, and it took me a bit to figure out everything going on and why those failover disks didn’t kick into action.

Git Cycle is a process that I created to help in small-ish environments where Linux servers are often unique little snowflakes and the admins are accustomed to making changes on the fly rather than through config management. …

Today I’d like to go over a utility that I’ve been exposed to that has changed the way I move large files between systems. It is called UDR. UDR is a wrapper for UDT; which is short for UDP-based Data Transfer, utility. …

Aleksandr Rain

Climber, surfer, yogi, dad who does some IT on the side to get by.

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